Colour plays an important role in balancing the homeowner’s emotions, harmonising the yin and yang of the overall house design. That’s why, when it comes to interiors for the Christmas season, people often think of warm colours that create a pleasant feeling. Follow us to explore 5 LEATHER SOFA COLORS below!

Dark green

Dark green is a symbol of harmony and vitality. Justyna Korczynska, a senior designer at Crown Paints, explains: “Green tones can range from warm yellow to blue. Dark blue can be combined with a variety of colours and materials to create warm or cold spaces.”

Although this colour is rarely chosen for sofas like beige or black and white, if you notice the following points, you can make your place full of vitality:

  • Firstly, natural light makes dark blue sofas stand out, especially in rooms facing south. However, you should also avoid leaving your sofa in direct sunlight because it will damage the quality of the leather.
  • Secondly, dark green still brings a warm feeling in dark and narrow spaces when combined with neutral terracotta and wood tones.
  • Thirdly, make sure that the wall paint colour can enhance the beauty of the sofa, white or pastel colours will be the appropriate choice in this case.

Powerful red

Red is the typical colour of Christmas because it is associated with the image of the fireplace and Santa Claus’s outfit. Besides, it is also believed to bring good health to those who use it.  Let’s make sure you use neutral or monochromatic colours (grey, white or black with white) for surrounding furniture (curtains, carpets, pillows). sofa, wall paintings, etc.)

Navy blue

Navy blue is the colour of trust and loyalty. It is a colour that makes the homeowner feel relaxed because it creates peace, a feeling of trust and safety.

To keep the navy blue sofa from being insignificant in your home space, pay attention to combining it with brightly coloured furniture, lamps or gilded decorations to create contrast and balance the colour.

Cozy brown

Andy Greenall, head of design at Paint & Paper Library, said: “Brown evokes happiness and gives a positive feeling.” Indeed, Brown is an option that cannot be overlooked for the Christmas season. When decorated with golden glow lamps, your home sofa will become cosy and shine delicately.  

Classic black

Some people believe that black often brings bad luck, rigidity and dryness. However, that is just a minor point, black is a symbol of sophistication and strength. And when it is combined with white, it will create high contrast, impressive in every detail. White and black have been popular in Modern designs from the early twentieth century.

If you want your space to become softer, combine it with some grey furniture.

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